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NYHT: A Truly "World-Class" Company

You are looking for a "World Class" producer of webbing tape and lace. You are looking for "World Class" manufacturing facilities for "World Class" quality. You are looking for "World Class" services, with fast turn around time. You are looking to "Build Long Term Relationship", and acquire goods at competitive price.

Your solution is New Yonghua Thailand (NYHT); Thailand's oldest, largest, and most modern webbing tape and lace producer.

A Most Modern & Cutting Edge Operation

NYHT is a full-cycle producer, meaning NYHT has a computer controlled color dying operation in-house, supported by a US$ 125,000 investment in a computerized color matching operation, a computer controlled waxing and ironing operation, and finally, the manufacturing is done by computer controlled jacquard machines. All of these are to support NYHT development team of 30.

NYHT means Good & Professional Relationship

These operations means fast turnaround, best quality, and most competitive price to your organization-however more importantly-"This Means The Perfect Supplier for Long-Term Relationship"

Simplest to Most Demanding Products

NYHT has been at the forefront of using new materials, and producing difficult to manufacture designs and patterns. Many of our designs and manufacturing process, have been patented or co-patented with partners. You name it, be it recycled yarn, hemp, bamboo or other exotic materials and design we have done it.

Staff by Professionals

NYHT is truly a World Class Operation, staffed with English Language and Chinese Language MBAs. We export Globally, and produce for all the "Brand Names", under strict environmental and labor standards contracts with these Global Buyers.

Good Governance at NYHT

Apart from conforming to global standards in human resource management and environmental standards, 10 % of NYHT gross revenues, are donated to charities. NYHT also use "Solar" cells and panels, and recycle water. Its fleet of delivery trucks use "natural gas" to protect the environment.

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